Isuzu Dmax/BT50 Blind Spot Monitor-Cross Traffic Alert Remount Kit 2020+

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Blind Spot Monitor Refit Kit for the new 2020+ Isuzu Dmax and Mazda BT-50

This kit is designed to refit the Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) radar units to either a Tub/Well body or as a replacement to the factory rear bumper.

When making your purchase selection please carefully read the following instructions.

There are 2 different sensor variants to these vehicles, easiest way to see which version you need is by the software variant on your sensor. ( This is found on the sticker located on the back of the sensor itself)

X072 Is for all Cab Chassis Isuzu Dmax with Factory Black Bumper Bar and all models of Mazda BT-50

X066 is for all Tub Variants of Isuzu Dmax

The front cover provided with this kit is different between these 2 models, If you use the incorrect cover plate your system will not function correctly and will throw error codes.

We have created 2 different lengths, this is to suit dual cabs which generally have a longer tray and require the radar to suit further back This unit has a total adjustable measurement between 350 to 380mm

The other option is  suited towards single cab where the towbar mounts are closer to the rear of the tray, This unit as a total measurement of 260 to 290mm

All units are made from 3mm Laser cut steel and powder coated black.

All hardware to assemble the Brackets are included, to attach the brackets to your vehicle simply reuse the standard rear bar or towbar bolts.

Installation Manual will be provided in the kit

Price is for a set of brackets